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The development of outdoor furniture in recent years

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     Outdoor furniture is mainly divided into three categories: one is fixed outdoor furniture, such as wooden

pavilions, tents, teak solid wood tables and chairs, etc.; the other is fixed outdoor furniture. The second

category is movable outdoor furniture, such as Western rattan tables and chairs, foldable wooden tables

and chairs, and sun umbrellas. The third category is portable outdoor furniture, such as small dining tables,

dining chairs and parasols.

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     As the domestic market pays more and more attention to outdoor spaces, people are beginning to realize

the importance of outdoor furniture. People's consumption consciousness is also changing. People enjoy

being outdoors or having a strong connection with nature at home. Both the garden of the villa and the balcony

of the ordinary house can be used for leisure together with outdoor furniture. Compared with indoor space, it is

easier to create a personalized space environment outdoors, which makes outdoor leisure furniture personalized

and fashionable. For example, outdoor furniture designed by Haomai Residential Furniture must not only blend into

the outdoor environment, but also bear the transition from indoors to outdoors. It uses South American teak, woven

hemp rope, aluminum alloy, waterproof tarpaulin and other materials to resist outdoor wind. Rainproof and durable.

UPTOP Furniture uses steel and wood to make outdoor furniture that lasts longer.

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     The growth space of the domestic outdoor furniture market will be in the balcony area. In recent years,

UPTOP has been using this concept to promote balcony space, and people's awareness is gradually increasing,

especially among the new generation of products born in the 90s and 00s. Although the consumption power of

this type of people is not high now, their consumption volume is very considerable, and the update speed is also

very fast, which can promote the development of home and outdoor furniture.

Post time: Oct-11-2023